About: Overview

The Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC) is the statewide membership organization of legal services nonprofits. Nearly 90 nonprofit organizations around the state are members of LAAC. These nonprofit member organizations provide critical legal assistance to low-income Californians and ensure equal access to justice. LAAC serves and strengthens its members through advocacy, training, and support. LAAC does not directly provide legal services.

Founded in 1983, LAAC has grown substantially in the past few years. Headquartered in Oakland, LAAC has 6 staff, 19 board members, and several dedicated work-study students and volunteers.

LAAC does three things:

  1. Advocates for more money for legal services in the state budget, better laws for legal services organizations and their clients, and for more effective policies and procedures through both the State Bar and the Judicial Council.
  2. Trains legal aid providers in person and online.
  3. Creates community for our member organizations, helping colleagues from around the state to share best practices, resources, and litigation strategies. Finally, LAAC offers benefits to our members to help them operate more efficiently so they are able to better serve their clients.

In addition, LAAC often collaborates with the Judicial Council and State Bar of California, Office of Legal Services to serve the California legal services community.

LAAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.